–Who Are We? –
Founded in 2006, Hyped Consulting specialized in helping dynamic small business focusing on growth via improved business processes and technology.  Our consultants have a variety of experiences ranging from engineering, public accounting, technology, and business consulting.  While our background have proven our business savvy by helping businesses and corporations making mission critical decisions, Hyped Consulting’s passion is helping small and medium sized business utilize best practices to achieve maximum growth in their chosen markets.

–What is Our Past Experience?–
We have experience in multiple Fortune 500 and Russell 2000 companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking and finance, and technology.  We have helped those companies implement new technologies, find wholes in their processes, gather valuable business intelligence, and more.  Today, we are focused on helping small and medium sized businesses do the same thing.

–Where Are We Headed?–
Small and medium sized businesses have created over half of the jobs in America since the 1990′s, including during the most current recession.  Hyped Consulting wants to help those businesses thrive.  Being small business owners ourselves we understand the pride and enjoyment that results from running, working for,  and owning your own business – so we want to help.  In the current economic climate people want to get the most out of their money, make the right decisions, and avoid risks.  We can help you do all those things.

We can help you understand your customers better, leverage technology, create a successful marketing and business plans, and all while understanding the unique challenges a small business faces – both financially and personally.  We help small businesses because we love them.  We want you to succeed.  Find out how we can help.

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